Busy year for Coppin, but no ARC title chase

Written by Peter Whitten on .

Adrian Coppin has debuted a recently purchased Mitsubishi Lancer Evo 9, but has revealed that he won’t be contesting the full Australian Rally Championship in 2017.

Coppin Evo 9Having recently moved from Canberra to Brisbane, Coppin has bought the Lancer formerly owned by Kent Lawrence, and drove it at a Brisbane Sporting Car Club ‘test and try’ day last weekend.

Coppin will use the Lancer as zero car on the upcoming Eureka Rally in March, the first round of the Australian Rally Championship, and hopes to do the Queensland Championship in the car as well.

Now working full time for Rally Australia, as well as working on the International Rally of Queensland, Coppin has a busy year ahead.

“I’m working on something for the WA ARC round now, and then National Capital DOMA Hotels sponsorship again, but that's it ARC wise,” Coppin said.

“Working on two of the events in the ARC makes it impossible to chase the championship.”

While the Evo 9 will be used for some duties, his current Toyota Corolla S2000 will be thrown into action for any ARC events, and he admits that it’s good to have the option to choose between two cars.

“The cars are chalk and cheese - the S2000 is the best car I've driven, and is so well balanced and sorted.

“The Evo has good power and torque, but is obviously heavier and not as simple as the S2000 car.”

The first round of the Queensland Rally Championship is the Manumbar Rally on April 1st.

- Peter Whitten